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The Timber Express by artist Rembrandt P. Muffie

Timber Express:   The 1223 locomotive was the first all-purpose engine used in this country, and was called the "Model-T of the rails."  A light versatile machine for pulling the limited or the local freight, uncluttered with the many appliances so common to later day steam locomotives, the 1223 had the clean lines of the early speedsters that plied the nation's railroads around the turn of the century. It was an all-purpose engine that moved passengers and freight trains on both large and small railroads. At the Strasbourg Railroad's stable of iron horses, the 1223 is the most photographed. It is the classic example of the American type locomotive which was so prominent during the great years of railroading in this country. This particular picture depicts the lush forests of Pennsylvania.

Specs:  200 S/N, Image Size 23 x 30-1/2
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